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New classes for 2016:

IoT Week: *NEW*
A three or five day series of classes in the elements you need to succeed in your Internet of Things (IoT) embedded systems design!

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ZigBee Hands-On: *NEW*
A two-day class for learning IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee including ZigBee 3.0 by programming and testing your own hardware (included!)

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USB Hands-On
A three-day class for learning USB (both hosts and devices) by programming and testing your own hardware (included!) as well as programming PC applications to interface with your devices

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IPv.6 Hands-On *NEW*
A two-day class for learning embedded Ethernet (100baseT) by programming and testing your own hardware (included!) as well as programming PC applications to interface with your devices

More Details SOON!

RTOS programming with MQX *NEW*
A two-day class for learning how to design with a real-time programming system (RTOS) using Freescale MQX. You will learn how to impliment threads including communications in USB, serial, and Ethernet (IPv4) by programming and testing your own hardware (included!)

More Details SOON!

C for Microcontrollers *NEW*
A one-day class for learning the ins and outs of programming microcontrollers in C. You will learn to use an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - CodeWarrior - to develop, run, test, and troubleshoot your code on your own hardware (included!)

More Details SOON!

Schematic and PCB Design*NEW*
A three-day class for us Hardware Engineers or for others who need to learn to master this critical part of hardware design. This class will use the Eagle CAD program which is scalable from hobbyist to full professional, but the principals can apply to PADS, Orcad, or other systems. We cover schematic creation, library management and part entry, and PCB layout with autorouting and ripup.

More Details SOON!

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Are YOU Ready?

Nothing is more volatile than the engineering profession for new technical and business processes. Today's training budget - if it exists at all - is stretched to the limit. With new technologies and new competition appearing almost daily, how do you keep up?

BRADA Training is your solution!

BRADA Training is the professional workshop and training division of Blue Ridge Advanced Design and Automation, an embedded systems design consulting company located in Asheville, NC - in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. With our training workshops, Blue Ridge Advanced Design and Automation can provide a complete resource for you or your company: training, consulting, and design services. We help you with the information that you need; if you need more help or contracted services, we can help you there also!

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News Flash!!!

Looking for Affordable One-day Classes?

Looking for a low-cost way to learn the basic skills for designing with the hottest technologies: IoT, IPv6, C, RTOS, USB? How about a full-day class for as low as $299? Check out our Embedded Weeks in many locales across the US in 2015: Check out the links to the left!

No Travel Budget?

BRADA Training is now developing WEB-BASED LIVE TRAINING!: Check out the FREE Webinars available!

"Can we afford to send people to training???"

With fewer people, with less money, trying to do more with less - how can you afford to not maximize your investment in your staff -
Training is cheaper than hiring!!!

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All of our classes, including the following courses are available on request at your location:

Quality Engineering for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

As a design engineer or engineering manager, how do quality programs affect you? Does your company have a quality department, or are you expected to include this function in your duties? Considering adopting a quality standard? Having challenges with customer returns or warranty costs? Raise your awareness of quality engineering standards, tools, principles and techniques. This full-day workshop will cover many existing quality standards including ISO-900x and a representative regulatory standard (ISO 13485 for medical devices) as well as the tools you need to evaluate your designs and processes.

Lead First, then Manage: Leadership for Engineering and Project Managers

Whether you are a new or prospective manager, or an "old hand" at department or team management, you have no doubt experienced firsthand the difference between an insightful and visionary leader and a stereotypical manager. This seminar, available in full and half day workshops, covers many of the basics of true leadership along with some hands-on exercises, case studies, and 'post-work' to help carry the principles learned back to the workplace and life in general. Read through the description for each workshop to see what topics will be covered.

Managing your Most Important Project: Your Career

Layoffs! Off-shoring! Mergers! The life of an EE is never dull and is always subject to change. Learn how to take positive control of your lifelong career and be ready for the next change before it happens. This full-day workshop covers the principles and needs for a pro-active career plan that is realistic and achieveable. Change Happens - Be Ready.

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